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Guest Post in Spanish

Publishing a Guest Post in Spanish News Sites – Live Sample

Although all of us in Spain and Latin America speak Spanish, we do not speak the same, as happens in the English language of Texas, New York, Pert or Edinburgh.

A word in Colombia can be an insult in Argentina, and a formal expression in Uruguay, in Ecuador, it can be the opposite. The same language, but we do not speak the same.

Even within Spain itself, it is not spoken in the different states in the same way. For reasons of SEO, we must take this into account. To get a guest post in Spanish published requires more than knowing the email of the news site and getting a Spanish copywriter.

Here you can see an example of a guest post in Spanish published by us in Mallorca, Spain, in a news site of high DA (69).

Sample of a Guest Post Published in a Spanish-speaking Blog

Guest Posting in Spanish See a Sample of Our Work

Guest posting is a great way to get backlinks, both the blog and the author may benefit of this tactic: the first gets fresh content, the other can reach to an already established audience and get a back-link.

Guest posting in Spanish Speaking countries may not be the same as in English or any other languages. Each blog has its own set of rules and requirements, normally they tend to have a high-quality standard, but lower traffic.