In this short article we’ll talk about what Link Building is, and our vision about it.

What is Link Building?

Despite all the changes in the policies of Internet search engines, two elements persist as the best options to achieve a good position in Google’s results pages: good content and good incoming links.

Many tactics have been invented, many “tricks” to try to outwit the system, but eventually, they keep falling. Google, Bing, Yahoo, everyone wants the same thing: show results that please people who search.

First thing: Quality content

The results are measured in many ways, we have become accustomed to following the unwritten rule of writing 1000 word content, adding an image and exploiting the use of keywords everywhere. This is of no use if the content you offer is not good.

Even the websites of services or products should consider creating content. A blog is a common solution, but it doesn’t have to be the only possible action. Providing fresh and useful content for your readers and visitors not only helps your business to improve positions in search engines but also provides a better service to your potential customers.

The CTR, the one that separates the good from the bad

The more time your visitors spend on your site, the better your results will be on the results’ pages of Google, Yahoo or Bing. To determine which page is listed first, and which goes next there is a factor called CTR, this is the value they give to the reaction that visitors have after they click on your page in the Google results list.

The CTR is the relationship between the number of people who click on your option and those who leave your landing page. It is not the same as people entering, reading for 3 minutes, and then exploring 10 more pages, than, after 10 seconds closing or returning to the list of results.

That is why it is so important that your content is good, that way the reader will continue to review your site, and the analytics will tell Google that your site is good, resulting in improvements in your positioning.

The second: inbound links

On the other hand, the content can be very good, but if nobody reads it, it is of no use, this is where the Link Building comes into play. Seek other websites of different types of authority to refer to your site. This tells algorithms that your site is referred for some reason, probably because the content or service you offer is good.

The quality of the sites where these links come from is important, if those links come from spammy sites, that “Spam coefficient” goes to your site too, if those sites have good authority, a small part of this authority is transferred to yours.

That without counting on the fact that obtaining links from websites of good authority, allows you good traffic and, if you pointed well, users of good quality.

How to achieve a quality Link Building?

As we said before, the Link Building consists of two elements: the content and the link of a website of good authority. However, many other elements are necessary and considered “classics” such as: having images or video, a minimum of 1000 words, enumerations, bold, paragraphs of no more than 5 lines, emphasis on keywords, etc. However, they are not more important than quality content, and good inbound links.

Our vision regarding Link Building

The best way to make Link Building is to make other websites to talk about you, for this, you must have a good product and service or do something that catches their attention, such as an event or a contest.

But, not everyone has a service or product like Instagram or Twitter that many will want to talk about, for these cases, there are other options such as sponsored content.

We must follow the rules of the search engines, in the case of Google, the greatest of all, explains what should not be done, and leaves some space to think about what can be done:

Actions such as leaving links in comments and forums, abusing the use of keywords, selling or buying links, are tactics that can make your site get penalized.

A good direct agreement with the media is the best way to achieve the ideal Link Building campaign, search for sites with the audience and authority according to what you want to sell, provide them quality content, one that may be interesting for readers, that is key for a correct Link Building campaign. This strategy serves any company, no matter the size.

Improve your business in Spanish Audiences

Creating great content is one of the best ways to start climbing the ladder of search engine results. But then , if no one knows or visits your websites, how would search engines know that your content is better than others?

There are many options out there, in the wild, many of those “easy” SEO options will lead you to bad results, often good at the beginning, but sad at the end. We are talking about PBNs, links sales, forum comments, automatic content, scrapping content, etc.

In Spanish, as in English, link building is crucial for your SEO strategy and to gain authority, we provide you with the best options to get your page linked from other sources.

We have close contact with digital content publisher like blogs, news sites, magazines, from almost every Spanish speaking country. Most of them will allow you to get sponsored links, sponsored posts or guest post from you.

How to begin link building in Spanish?

We create content, or you provide it to us following our rules. This content needs not to be your product or service advertising, on the contrary, the content needs to be about something great for the website’s audience, something interesting, useful or entertaining.

At some point in the content, there will be a mention to your page or product. When the content is good and the link and mention are correctly placed, then the magic will happen: people will follow trough, search engines will notice it, and you’ll be very, very happy with us.

We know more than 1500 websites, blogs, and news sites options in Spanish to select from, we pick the best that may fulfill your goals and budget and then the blacksmiths will start forging your sword!

Link building budgets in Spanish can start at $100 for websites with DA over 20. To see more about our prices, please request a quote.